Programmatic will be an important part of the midterm elections for advertisers

Programmatic will play a large part in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a survey by Centro.

Digital advertising became a cautious topic after the 2016 presidential election, with many advertisers concerned about ad fraud and advertising results. Centro surveyed more than 50 digital marketing agencies, consultants, and advocates in the United States who work on political campaigns, and found that more than 75 percent said an important part of their midterm strategy will be programmatic advertising.

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However, 70 percent did say that their digital budgets will be increasing for the 2018 election but it’s not clear if advertisers will spend most of their budgets on just a few platforms or numerous platforms.

“Programmatic technology fuels many of the key elements in a political campaign’s digital strategy, including voter targeting, hyperlocal (aka geo-fencing), cross-device targeting, and connected TV,” Centro said in their study. “And it also brings pricing efficiencies and scale that help maximize campaign dollars, whether through self-serve technology or managed service partners. Ideally, these tactics should fit neatly with other aspects of a campaign such as social and search, so that all function with synchronicity.”

According to more than half of the respondents, the most promising developments for digital campaigns this year would be: “Audience data that is higher quality and more readily available.” The second highest response was: “Improved technology for connecting offline-online audiences.”

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Two-thirds of digital marketers are extremely concerned with “proving advertising impact to clients,” and nearly 80 percent are worried that the current political environment will have an impact on their “ability to achieve outcomes.”

“Sometimes, despite the data science, resource and smarts, a campaign may be at the mercy of political climates that can shift gradually or quickly,” the study explained. “As we all know, a lot can change between now and November.”

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